Miniclip CEO talks to Gamasutra on their Social and Advergaming approach…Flash Lite and Wii

As a regular player of Flash games on the Miniclip Gaming Site, I was always facinated by the creativity with which they developed and managed a mammoth database of games (260 games so far). At the same time was curious to know how they managed to sustain in times of hardcore downloadable PC games in the likes of those available on MSN, Shockwave, or Yahoo.

So when the Gamasutra News Portal interviewed Robert Small, Ceo of Miniclip Games, I read through the complete page in utmost reverence.

The interview begins with a history of Miniclip followed by their strategies to stand out amongst the rest and their future plans….all related to Flash gaming. For those who have played their games, will know that a majority of their games stand unique in concept and game-play thus leading to millions of game-clicks. It is also important to observe their evolution of developing games with Flash 4 through Flash 9 and AS 3.0

A note to be made during the interview is their expansion plan, i.e. taking their online games beyond the web to the Nintendo Wii and mobiles with Flash Lite.

This story is a great read for anybody interested in Flash gaming…because it only reads success for those who don’t treat it as a profession but a passion they want to realize.

You can catch the complete interview here

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