Old Misleading Google Alerts

What is it with Google Alerts and and really old news being sent out even today?

This afternoon I received a Google Alert talking about a tie up between Macromedia and Calsoft Labs. Reading the news got me smiling because it spoke about embedding Flash Lite on handsets in India and the other countries. And then it got me thinking…why Macromedia and not Adobe doing the Flash Lite deals…. Reality struck when I read the date of the news, which was sometime in October-November 2005.

This is not the first time that Google Alerts has sent an old news, its happened in the past as well. I really wish they could give the latest blog entries as it appears in their results.

2 thoughts on “Old Misleading Google Alerts”

  1. Google is working on alerts…but most of the time spent in maintaining the clean data…

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