Mobile Sessions at MAX 2007 NA

With only 16 days left for the Adobe MAX conference, its necessary that our session planning leaves us with space to attend as many good presentations as we can. There are 9 great mobile sessions happening at MAX along with a 3 hour Boot Camp for all the Flash and mobile developers/designers out there. Make sure you attend them because they are planned across the 3 days in a manner that one can attend all.

Session Name – XD: Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences
Level – Beginner
Description – This session will cover the guiding principles for designing engaging mobile experiences, an entirely new class of mobile services. Engaging mobile experiences put the user experience first. As a result, these experiences prioritize usability, offer new services, and deliver content instantaneously. More importantly, they build a powerful affinity with the user. They provide experiences that are expressive, memorable, and more desirable. Come learn the fundamental aspects of such experiences.

Session Name – Flash Lite 3 Development
Level – Beginner
Description – The newest version of Flash Lite introduces support for FLV and many other exciting new features. Learn how to create compelling content for multiple devices, from smart phones to consumer electronics devices. Be the first to see Flash Lite 3 demos on the latest and greatest handsets.

Session Name – Flash Lite Success Story
Level – Beginner
Description – Design Assembly, one of the top Flash Lite studios in Europe, has published several high-quality Flash Lite games enjoyed by consumers worldwide. Find out how this small company with a passion for Flash created a growing business on Flash Lite, and discover the many go-to-market opportunities available to Flash Lite developers.

Session Name – From Desktop to Mobile: New Revenue Opportunities
Level – Beginner
Description – Learn how you can make money by selling your Flash Lite content through various mobile content aggregators worldwide. If you already know Flash, then you have the potential to create Flash Lite content and generate recurring revenue for your creativity and ideas. In this session, we’ll explore the entire workflow for mobile content creation, from concept development and design to determining addressable devices, selling your content, and getting paid on a recurring basis.

Session Name – Mobile Workflows with Creative Suite 3 Web Premium
Level – Beginner
Description – Discover how to create and reuse web content such as video and images for mobile devices using Adobe Device Central CS3, the all-new mobile authoring and device intelligence tool that’s integrated across Creative Suite 3. We’ll touch on Flash CS3 Professional, Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, and more. Learn tips and tricks to design, preview, and test engaging mobile content across various handsets.

Session Name – 20 Tricks to Improve Flash Lite Development
Level – Intermediate
Description – Boost your efficiency and speed time to market with these 20 tips and tricks for improving Flash Lite development. Flash Lite experts will teach you how to optimize content, streamline workflows, and take full advantage of Adobe Device Central CS3, the new mobile authoring and device intelligence tool integrated across Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Session Name – Introduction to Flash Lite 2
Level – Intermediate
Description – This session is a deep-diving workshop on developing Flash Lite content and applications. We’ll begin with a general Flash Lite tutorial and then move on to more detailed information on how to develop content for mobile operators, including Verizon Wireless.

Session Name – Creating Flash Lite Multiplayer Games
Level – Intermediate
Description – The market for multiplayer games is growing. Learn how you can take your existing desktop Flash skills and leverage them to create multiplayer Flash Lite games using Flash Lite 2.1. You’ll learn the process involved in developing, testing, and deploying your multiplayer games to consumers worldwide.

Session Name – Creating Flash Cast Channels for Verizon Wireless
Level – Intermediate
Description – Be among the first to build and monetize Flash Cast channels for Verizon Wireless. Use Flash CS3 Professional to deliver compelling content to North America’s second largest mobile operator. Learn the process for creating and testing Flash Cast channels and how Verizon Wireless plans to enable a Flash Cast ecosystem in North America.

Session Name – Boot Camp for Mobile and Devices
Level – All
Description – Boot Camp provides a mixture of short presentations, workshops, and free-form coding. The Mobile and Devices User Group managers are planning an exciting and interesting three-hour collaborative session. Make sure to bring your laptop, your best questions, your most desired features, your coolest projects to share, and be ready to learn something new.

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