MAX 2007 – DAY 1

MAX in Chicago is probably one of the biggest Adobe shows that we might have seen in the past years. With more than 4000+ attendees, you can hardly feel the expanse of the McCormick Conference area. Space is utilized for developers to move around, network and connect and not just learn technology in their session rooms.

This year Adobe have also placed an AIR Park, which not only allows developers to brainstorm and share their AIR Applications, but can also view missed recorded sessions and hang around the Adobe Store. The Community Pavilion is also huge with sponsors, community experts, technology booths, comfortable lounges…all available to the developers attending MAX.

My experience so far has been great. I had my first session on multiplayer gaming this morning which i think went well. I then attended a couple of Flash Lite and Media Server related sessions besides hanging around the community lounge connecting with people who I knew and many who I do not know.

The session on Creating Flash Cast channels for Verizon was nice, with a panel consisting of a team from Verizon, Smashing Ideas, MTV and Adobe. They spoke about the technology and the ways a developer can launch his channel with Verizon. The good part is, Flash Cast is now being open to developers…so this served as a good news for those wanting to work with Flash Cast.

The day ended with a nice reception from the MAX sponsors. So this is all from my first day at MAX. Now moving on to Day 2…..

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  1. I’m interested to know what upgrades FLASH cast may bring to Verizon handsets? Also, do you know if the upcoming Iphone Killer, the LG Voyager will have Flash Lite 3 on the HTML browser?

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