Help the Environment by playing a game

Clickgamer has started a campaign this holiday season to give back the best it can to the planet. Starting today through mid January, Clickgamer is giving away free downloads of its game – Snowed in 6, Deep Freeze.

If the number of free downloads reaches 1 million, Chillingo, the company behind Clickgamer, will donate $ 10,000 to a non-profit climate change organization. The game runs on all popular smartphone platforms.

This is what Chris Byatte, Managing Director of Chillingo has to say –

“Every Christmas, we have given away a new version of Snowed In to all our customers and site visitors as a thank you and goodwill gesture for their support. This year, in keeping with tradition, we are releasing Snowed In 6 – Deep Freeze but with a difference – we will donate $10,000 to a non-profit climate change organization when the download counter hits 1 million. The mobile content market has seen dramatic change over the last 6 years that we have been operating. As an independent mobile commerce business, we provide the mobile market with an alternative source for high quality content irrespective of mobile operators. Last but not least, I hope everyone enjoys this year’s rendition of Snowed In – and ‘play’ a small part in stopping climate change!”

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