Demo of Adobe’s FlashCast and FlashLite + YouTube Mobile

The Flash Lite market awareness sure seems to be going strong in India with Adobe reaching out to developers and rest of the non technical people via the Kamla Bhatt Show.

Debashish Paul of Adobe, Bangalore shares his YouTube application built with Flash Lite 3 in a series of videos. He talks about the basics of Flash Lite, its penetration in India and its proliferation globally, especially from the developer and market perspective. There is also a video showcasing the Flash Cast channels live on a handset.

Video Demo of Flash Lite Part 1
Video Demo of Flash Lite Part 2
Video Demo of Flash Cast

For those who’d like to know more about the Kamala Bhatt Show, it focuses on connecting the Indian diaspora across the world. There is also a technology-related show on Podtech where Kamla feature entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and many more among today’s generation of “Global Indians.”

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