Adobe Developer Article – Ten tips to help you develop better Flash Lite games

There is a new article available on the Adobe Mobiles and Devices Developer Center – Ten Tips to help you develop better Flash Lite games. This article is not specific to any Flash Lite version, and talks about game development right from 1.1 through 3.0

I authored this article after interacting with a set of Flash PC developers in India wanting to try out Flash mobile gaming. While interacting with them, I realized that a lot of them were thorough with their knowledge of Flash on desktop, but were not too confident when the same had to be applied to a mobile. So in this article, I combined a set of 10 tips which I think would be of good help to developers.

To summarize the 10 tips –
#1 – Always start with a base build and then port it to for multiple devices
#2 – Follow intuitive and correct key navigation and controls
#3 – Avoid hard-coding values and use variables and logic while writing code
#4 – Use old school collision detection methods
#5 – Choose between Frame based and Time based ActionScript
#6 – Maintain game progress and scores thus adding incentives for user participation
#7 – Keep your code organized and easy to maintain with classes
#8 – Choose the right font for your games
#9 – Replace arrays with strings in Flash Lite 1.1
#10 – Testing on actual device

Of course, there are more than 10 tips to share about Flash gaming, which I hope to share in the coming months, but for the article on Devnet…10 is what you have, so let me know what you think!


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