Nokia launches Series60 Programming Competition

Forum Nokia has launched a new competition for Series60 developers. This is the first contest which starts today (January 17) and will end by February 15. They plan to host a new programming challenge every month with awards for the best solutions provided.

S60 supports multiple different runtimes and programming languages. The aim in this months competition is to come up with the glue that combines different runtimes.
We’re asking you to design and implement a framework that unifies the S60 runtimes. The goal is intercommunication of runtimes (f.ex. Symbian C++, Java, Flash, Python, Web Runtimes, you name it…). With this kind of runtime interaction it is possible to access totally new features and re-use existing solutions in a manner that is unheard of. Please provide us with your framework implementation and also atleast one working example of runtimes interworking. If you don’t have time to implement all the needed parts let us know your ideas and planned design to score more points in the contest.

The January’s competition is open until 15th of February (15.2.2008) and we hope to have the best solutions published by the end of February.“

You can check the contest website for rules and other information.

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