Root for your favorite Team at the Euro 2008. Play this Flash mobile game and make them win!

While the world sits and watches the semi finals between Russia and Spain, I blog about a sport which I have only recently started watching. Soccer was never one of my favorite sports…infact living in India I only witnessed an dizzying cricket furore and concluded that the world consisted of no other sport ( that was a little exaggerated :)), until recently when I got to watch a soccer match prior to the Euro 2008. And I did get hooked to the game!

Now as the final Euro match closes on Sunday, I launched a soccer game called Headers Euro 2008 for the Flash Lite gaming community. This game is developed in Flash Lite 1.1 and is currently available on the Playyoo System for all the supported handsets.

The game has a simple game play where you as the player, selects your team and heads the ball into your opponents net to score a goal. As you progress through the initial rounds, you will play against teams of your own group. For the final 3 rounds you play with teams across groups. The opponent keeps getting smarter as you progress through the rounds.

So if you think your favorite team did not qualify for the finals…grab a mobile, play the Headers Game as your favorite team and win through all your opponents!

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  1. Hi Mariam, the game looks great! I’m writing it up as a news story on Pocket Gamer for tomorrow (Friday), with a link back to Playyoo.

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