Need to design your mobile website – Refer to these tips

I recently read this very interesting article on designing websites for mobile phones. The article focuses on usability aspects of mobile websites with some snippets of HTML and CSS code. The good point about the article is that it does not focus on any particular mobile OS or technology making the tips are completely neutral in description.

Some more supporting links that I came across about designing mobile web experiences and thought I could share -


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  1. Prachi says:

    Thanks Mariam,

    I have been scanning website designing tips for the iphone since a couple of days.
    The apple developer forums provide extensive knowledge from the code point of view. Wondering if there are any forums exclusively from a graphic designer’s point of view?

    Have been trying to get a website in place, but no success yet.

    your mobile blog is really a huge store house of all possible know how.

    thanks again,

  2. admin says:

    Hi Prachi,

    Thanks for appreciating my blog and the writings.

    I think the apple forums would be more than exhaustive with information, but would be more from the development point of view and not so much on designing as you correctly mentioned.

    I’ll definitely share iPhone related resources as I find them.


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