In conversation with Kevin Lynch and Adobe’s plan on the mobile space

(via Ryan Stewart) Om Malik recently conducted an interview with Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch about the present happenings at Adobe and their vision for technology at large. I’ve placed the mobile excerpts of the interview in the post below –

Om: What about Flash in mobiles? I know there have been some efforts to marry Flash at the interface level with mobile operating systems like Java.

Lynch: Mobile is really happening right now. There are a lot of screens in our lives right now and to make information accessible across these devices is important. There is no consistent runtime across these devices.

Right now, there is no single technology that has a dominant reach. I think that’s going to change over next three to four years. We are working on that, and have initiated an Open Screen Project that will make designing for multiple screens less of a challenge.

Om: You seem to have strong views about mobile and how we need to think differently about mobile as an opportunity.

Lynch: People will start to think about the small screen first, and that is a sea change. Mobile is central to the future of computing and I think all software and web companies need to look at mobile first and then from there, extend to PCs.

Om: So you like these “mobile Internet devices?”

Lynch: I am a big fan of the MIDs. I think the form factor is the sweet spot and there will be some experimentation (on design) going forward. The big challenge there is power, and batteries are a big drain.

You can read the full interview here.


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