Mobile Content Delivery Protocol announced

With Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen being the keynote speaker at the CTIA conference, there was bound to be some buzz around mobiles and devices. Coinciding with the conference day today, Adobe published the next of the specs of the Open Screen Project, the Mobile Content Delivery Protocol.

The Mobile Content Delivery Protocol defines a mechanism for delivering applications (called channels) and synchronized data sets on which the applications operate (called feeds) to mobile devices. The protocol includes a control-flow mechanism for managing channel subscriptions and application preferences.

This protocol is implemented in the Adobe Mobile Client and the Adobe® Mobile Server products. It can be used to serve applications and content to the Adobe Mobile Client or to develop a mobile client that can interact with the Adobe Mobile Server.

The protocol is bi-directional, with a client-initiated “pull” component operating over HTTP or HTTPS, and a server-initiated “push” component operating over SMS. The protocol is designed for lightweight content updates personalized according to end user preferences.

You can download the specs from here


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