Adobe Device Central CS4 announced

What happened yesterday was another milestone in the books of Adobe releases…yes, the CS4 Release is what I am referring to. A great line of products for developers to push the edge and create more compelling content across platforms.

On the mobile front we saw the announcement of the Adobe Device Central CS4. This tool has seen great transformations over versions and now comes bundled with even better new features. It now allows not just easy testing of content, but also effective management of projects and delivery.

1. Dynamically updated online library of device profiles
This feature allows access to the latest device profiles through a dynamically updated online device library containing more than 450 Flash Lite™ supported devices. It also allow you to browse, search, sort, compare and create custom sets of devices while working on projects.

2. High-quality video for communicating ideas
Allows recording of a high-quality movie clip of your content as you play it from your desktop.

3. Improved video support and integration
It allows improved video integration through support for FLV emulation and recommended mobile export presets for Adobe Media Encoder. Also allows easy setup of Adobe After Effects mobile project with device-specific compositions.

4. Organization of work for mobile projects
Manages and saves all assets, target device profiles, and export options related to a mobile project in one central location.

5. Performance simulation and testing automation
Saves time by automating the testing of mobile content across device profiles and emulates the latency of various wireless networks to simulate the performance of Flash Lite in real life. It also allows recording, saving, editing, and sharing test sequences, including capturing snapshots at certain frames. Allows viewing of log files to visually identify any problems with the content. Also also a rerun of recorded test scripts.

6. Easy upload of content to multiple locations
It simplifies project collaboration and content deployment on mobile phones by giving a choice of one or more wizard-guided export services, such as Upload to FTP Server or Send to Bluetooth device. Lets you create your own export services, or benefit from third-party plug-ins built using the Adobe Device Central Export Service software development kit (SDK).


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