Mobiles and Devices Cookbook..something to look forward to?

While browsing through the Adobe Devnet for Mobiles and Devices today, I came across a new tab which said “Cookbook (Beta)“. Getting excited about this new addition, I clicked on the tab, only to find an error message being displayed. Well, that was not the point I was trying to make. What’s great is we “Mobile Developers” working with Flash Lite will actually have a Cookbook of our own (in development now I guess).

I always looked at the Cookbooks of other platforms (Flex, Air), and wished that the the MaD folks also had one. I feel it’s a great place to have access to all the information one can need about learning a new technology or enhancing present skills, contributed by the community itself.

For those who like to know what a Cookbook is, it is a place where you can share a piece of code with the community (by submitting up a form) and it may also include an option to be considered for O’Reilly book publishing of your post.

So is a Mobiles/Flash Lite/call it everything Flash Mobile Cookbook is what we can look forward to?


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