Nokia Developer Conference 2008 in Bangalore next month

Forum Nokia today announced a Nokia Developer Conference to be held on December 10th, 2008 in Bangalore, India.

It is a one day conference with presentation on Java, Symbian, Web 2.0 and Adobe technologies for mobiles. The speakers are said to include leaders from the Mobile VAS Industry, with opportunities to hear success stories, see technology showcases and meet and interact with peers from the industry.

As the website says “Nokia Developer Conference ’08 is a must attend event for Application Developers – Mobile and IT, Aggregators, Operators, Media, Music and Content Houses, Games Publishers, IT Companies, Internet Companies, Retailers, Analysts and anyone and everyone with an active interest in the business of mobility.

You can read and register at the conference on this link.

Hoping to meet a lot of my friends and colleagues from the Indian mobile industry.


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  1. Hi Mariam,

    Thank you so much for mentioning about Nokia Developer Conference.

    We would like to showcase to the developer community that this conference is not only about the technology but also how you can convert an idea into an innovative commercial application, and so on.

    Please feel free to connect with me for any information, suggestion or feedback.

    Thank you once again, and I am looking forward to see you at the event.

    Best Regards
    Shiraz Datta
    Forum Nokia

  2. Hi all,

    I am working for a software integrator company. My projects includes working on Java and Ruby on Rails and Ajax. I think Web Services is really cool. We also recently have to now work on REST and they are talking about mashups and Struts. Can anyone tell me if there are some good training or conferences so that me and my team members can get to speed with these technologies. Learning from books is not my cup of tea, even not when I was doing engineering 😉

    All the help that group members can provide in this regard is much appreciated.


  3. @Vaibhavi
    I’ll try posting about all events and conferences that I hear of and that happen in India..however most of my listings would be mobile related.

    Also, if learning from books is not something you enjoy, then I suggest you look up forums and google/yahoo groups to interact with your peers on subjects of your interest.


  4. Hi Vaibhavi,

    There are several online resources available that you just google for. If any of your team like to read then quality books from wiley and oreilly cover such technologies in detail.

    I also highly recommend you could attend the upcoming Great Indian Developer Summit (developersummit dot com) that is covering Java, Agile, REST, JAX-RS, mashups, .NET, Rich Web, JPA, SOA, rich user experiences, Spring, Groovy and more. They have most of the creators of these technologies as speakers. My team is attending this summit 22-25 apr at IISc campus where we are attending the web conference on April 23 and java on April 24. We have been able to get very good discounts. Maybe all those who are interested from your group can sign up together and get a good bargain from them. what say? I also attended last year’s conference and had a really cool time.

    In Hyderabad there is Sun Tech Days with some sun speakers.


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