Flash Player 10 on Android, Windows Mobile & Symbian

Flash Lite has evolved greatly over time making way for bigger and better opportunities for development. Beginning with version 1.0 to version 3.1, Flash Lite has come a long way. And demoed recently during MAX 2008 in San Francisco was the actual Flash Player 10 (not subset) on the Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the Android.

Symbian and WiMo are platforms that Flash Lite developers have worked on in the past, so having the complete Flash 10 functionality working on mobiles will be only be a boon. However I still am skeptical with a couple of questions like

  1. will the Flash 10 player on mobiles support the complete AS3 API including the 3D Effects, Custom Filters, Advanced Text etc,
  2. would the player be implemented in a browser, standalone and the others,
  3. will it support backward compatibility with Flash Lite version etc.

I guess we’d know this, as more information will be made available by Adobe with the player development.

But what took the cake for me was the announcement of supporting Flash on the Android platform. It is great because Adobe is realizing its goal of supporting Flash on so many different platforms, thus escalating the Open Screen Project to a success. Adobe demoed on the the Android G1 features like full zooming, panning and interactivity, which means the users saw a whole segment of web content typically inaccessible to mobile browsers till now.

Of course like the other platforms Adobe did not provide a proper release date for this too, but the very fact that their developers had a demo to showcase during MAX leads us to believe Flash on Android will be a solid reality in the very near future.

So as Kevin Lynch said “We need to start thinking mobile first, rather than as an adjunct to the big screen experience… “, which is so true..Cheers to Flash on Mobiles.


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  1. Hi Mariam,

    Thats a good news. Yesterday i heard that Nokia will pre-install Silverlight in his forthcoming N-series mobiles and today this Flash 10 installation made it clear that Flash is here to rule and rock …

    Long live Flash .. long live Flash Platform

  2. The flashplayer should have been installed before it ever went
    to market 95% of what I try to download asks for up todate
    Flashplayer. This no way to due do business. You in the support
    Office need get off your ass. With out customers u will not have
    a job. I am at the point I don’t care how good the phone is without support u can count me gone and never to return. I’m sure there are many other that own a g1 that feel like me. John B

  3. Hi John,

    The the Flash Player for Android is not yet launched. I’m sure when it would be, it would not disappoint you.

    Regarding the Flash Lite player, it may have seen fragmentation with so many different devices and versions, however Adobe is working on that with the Distributable Player. You should follow the links below to see how this launch will help address many content distribution related issues –


  4. I remember some time back if 4th quarter 2009 that Flash Player 10 for WinMo is going to be released soon this year. Have I missed it ?

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