Flash Lite Developer Challenge Nominees Announced

The Flash Lite Developer Challenge Nominees were announced today with 3 nominations in each category –

Globe Trotter – IGameStudio (India)
Little Spender – Ribot (United Kingdom)
Florin: Personal Finance Tracker – BlueSkyNorth (United Kingdom)

Fickle Blox – BlueSkyNorth (United Kingdom)
Cubic Republic – IKS Mobile (Poland)
Radical Tube – Virtue Studio (Brasil)

Microfilm – Flash Cell (United Kingdom)
Games Flash – Christopher Caleb (United Kingdom)
Synctur – Inpockit Informacion Portable (Spain)

Social Networking
Mr. Postman – Ian Moreira De Andrade Silva (Brasil)
Twittle – Flash Widgets (USA)
Big Game Huntr – Mobile Radicals (United Kingdom)

GolfBox – Little Big Ideas (Denmark)

You can now go online and vote for the nominee you think qualifies best for the People’s Choice Award. Congratulations to all the nominees.


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