Globe Trotter – Nominated in the Flash Lite Developer Challenge in the Best Lifestyle Application Category

Globe Trotter (an IGameStudio product) was submitted as an entry for the Flash Lite Developer Challenge, and the good news is that it has been nominated amongst the top three in the Lifestyle Category of the contest. The application can now be voted for the People’s Choice Award!

To talk a little about the application, it is a mobile version of the extremely popular travel information brand – The Lonely Planet. Though I’d like to call it a unique travel application that has been developed to give it’s users a worldful of information with just a few easy clicks on their mobile phones 🙂

[flash w=240 h=330]

To mention some of the strengths of Globe Trotter

  • It gives complete travel related information of almost 195 countries in 10 regions around the globe. This information includes country related Fast Facts, Basic Information, Weather, Recent History, Important Cities, Map Location and a Photo Gallery.
  • City information is further detailed to sort and locate it based on the neighborhood you could be in – such information includes Airports, Police, Travel Desks, Railway Stations, Restaurants, Hotels & Hostels, Sights, Nightlife, Shopping and a Photo Gallery of the City.
  • With maps and location sharing being really important in social networks today, the application also uses GPS to detect your current location and provides you with the information you need…so if you are in Mumbai, it will detect your location (eg. Colaba) and give you a list of restaurants/hotels/theaters etc around you (of course based on what you want to search), including driving information.
  • It also allows you to access your device contacts and add new contact information you may find during the use of your application, for instance a restaurant contact for reserving a table or sending the contact to a friend through an SMS.

I’d like to share a couple of screens from the app

The application is now open for votes to win the People’s Choice Award. So go ahead and send those votes and please do let me know what you think of the application.


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