Technical Session on Adobe Flash Lite at MoMo Bangalore

A Flash Lite technical workshop has been planned on 10 October 2009 in Bangalore by Mobile Monday Bangalore. The speaker is Debashish Paul, a Lead Engineer at Adobe Systems and he will cover Flash Lite development, testing and deployment of content on devices.

While this session seems aimed at developers/companies who want to explore the idea of developing Flash based content for phones, consumer electronics and home digital devices it also seems great for experienced developers as they can pick up tips and tricks to developing great content across platforms as well as clear doubts in the Q&A session.

Although the event is free, they may have limited seats so if you are around Bangalore and want to attend this session, you can follow this link to register.

This is the link to the complete Event Details – MoMoB Oct 2009-Tech Session on Adobe Flash Lite


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