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I’ve been away from blogging for a very long time. Partially because I’ve been working on Flash based client projects, all of which fall under NDA and cannot be discussed. I was also involved in some interesting game development projects on the iPhone and Android platforms as a producer, where I learnt a lot about the platforms as well as development pros and cons of writing native code verses using engines and frameworks.

During the mid of last year, one of our applications was approved to receive a grant from the Open Screen Project Fund by Nokia and Adobe. The funded application is a gaming application that encourages awareness on global warming, and how we can contribute to the environment by being conscious in our actions. The application has 3 mini-games, a quiz, a virtual plant growing section and links where one can contribute to improving the environment. I’ll share some more details about this in one of the following posts as it is currently in the process of final QA before going live on the OVI Store.

Starting this year, I want to start writing more about technology and the many mobile platforms that support Flash. I’m very excited about the prospects of having Flash across platforms and screens and the evolution of Flash Lite on Nokia platforms. Hope to write more over the days.


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