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For the past 2 days I’d been taking time off from my everyday work schedule and spending it at non tech events organised by Indiblogger –  a community of Indian Bloggers. The first was the launch of a new show on an Indian television channel called MasterChef India 2, and the second a new product introduction event by Dove India.

While both of these were non-tech events, I realized what an important role technology and social media plays in reaching out to an audience to help promote a product or television content.

Almost every blogger at the event was well connected with their latest device tweeting every moment of their experience through Twitter. There was even a moment where the hash tag #MasterChefIndia2 was trending in India due to the reach of the community present at the event.

Digital and phone cameras were working with draining batteries capturing every frame of the events so that bloggers could share them through Flickr or Facebook Albums. Everybody at the event was passionate about writing, blogging and owned personal blogs. Everyone connected, exchanged cards, twitter handles and blog addresses!

So while it was easy for me to believe that I was away from technology over the weekend, I was actually amongst real techies!

So cheers to the tech world we live in!


Blog app now available on OVI Store

My blog is now available for Nokia devices and can be downloaded from the Nokia OVI Store.

I used the OVI App Wizard to create this application which had a very simple procedure to follow. I was required to be the copyright owner for my own content, which I was, so I could easily submit the blog feeds. I then created my blog banner/logo images as per the blog design, set the mobile application color schemes and let the wizard do the rest; i.e create the mobilized content without any more input from my side.

The process did come with it’s share of minuses as well, such as a wait before the content went live on the store, besides from other minor issues without which the wizard could have performed better.

Overall I think the App Wizard is an extremely easy way to mobilize web content without having to manually write a code.

You can read about the OVI App Wizard on the OVI Blog.

Blog as seen on 5800 XpressMusic
Blog as seen on 5800 XpressMusic