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Farewell Flash Lite Distributable Player

During an e-seminar recently, Mark Doherty spoke about the demise of the still in beta – Flash Lite Distributable Player. The Distributable Player was meant to be a solution to check for the availability of Flash Lite on a Symbian device or Windows Mobile device, and download the latest player via OTA if not present.

However with the announcement, there seemed to be a little buzz around the news and after reading the blog posts by Alessandro, Philippe and BlocketPC, I decided to put a couple of my own thoughts on the topic.

Firstly the Distributable Player was never meant a mass market solution. It mostly targeted the cream of the handsets for which the user base was comparatively smaller. I remember talking to a potential partner just 2 days back and the first question he asked was – which handsets does the Distributable Player support, because if it is only the higher end ones then our discussion on distribution will not yield the targets we have in mind.

The point is, if the Distributable Player was available for larger handset list, i.e where it would check for a supportable player version on a handset and install that, instead of the latest Flash Lite player only, would have been a better solution.

Moreover the Distributable Player installation experience was not very good. It involved multiple installations and checks which equaled to users waiting long before they could actually start looking at a content.

From the distribution point of view, the Distributable Player definitely supported a large list of countries however developers still had to publish their own content via aggregation deals in those regions and aggregators ask for a large handset support.

So this just boils down to one thing – the Distributable Player in its present state would not have allowed mass market distribution.

From how I look at it now, Adobe is talking about the ‘singular experience, multiple device’ with the Open Screen Project and Flash 10.1 which is great, but they wouldn’t sideline developer efforts and investments with Flash Lite completely (no announcement from Adobe on this so far, just speculation from our end!). I want to assume they are working on a better solution because that is what we need right now. We need to reach out to users with good content without educating them about technology, runtimes or installation processes. We need to erase this line of conflicting Flash Lite player versions when distributing content and I hope Adobe would address all of this.

I eagerly await Mark’s next presentation on ‘What Next’ in Flash / Flash Lite for Mobiles and Devices with regards to distribution.


Distributable Player Update – more countries, more devices

This great news comes via Mark. The Adobe Flash Lite Distributable Player would now be supporting more countries and devices – 13 countries and 31 devices to be precise. This is great news for the developer community because it only means reaching out to a larger audience.

Currently the Flash Lite player downloadable over the air is Flash Lite 3.1. You can read more about the Player update and the devices/countries supported by following this link


Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player – No need for Flash Lite player downloads, installs and updates…

Yes, the news is true.

Yet another awesome announcement made during the Adobe MAX 2008, San Francisco conference was the Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player for developers to distribute over-the-air (OTA) along with their content. This means, an end user will no longer need to check for the presence of Flash Lite on their handsets. The content itself (when installed as a .SIS or .CAB file) will check for the player version, download and install it using network connectivity. It couldn’t get simpler than this.

Flash Lite 3.1 has the same functionalities as Flash Lite 3.0, such as support for Flash Player compatible video, with some enhancements including improved security model for SWF file access. Please note that at this time h.264 video is not supported. Adobe’s goal is always to provide the latest version of Flash Lite for over-the-air (OTA) download through the distributable player solution. Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player will work on supported S60 and Windows Mobile devices. The Distributable Player is integrated with Adobe AppZone.

Currently this is supported on limited devices, namely the S60 3rd Edition, 3rd Edition feature pack 1, 3rd Edition feature pack 2, Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones, WM6 Standard and Professional platforms (check the complete list).


You can now download the Flash Lite 3.1 update for Adobe Device Central CS4 to author, test and publish Flash Lite 3.1 swf files.
Download for Windows here
Download for Macintosh here