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FITC Mobile 2010

I’ve been reading about the FITC Mobile Conference recently, and am glad to know that it is back in it’s second year in Toronto, Canada. The event is scheduled to be held between 16th-18th September this year.

FITC is slated as one of the only events covering all aspects of mobile content development, such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Flash 10.1, Windows Mobile, HTML5, Unity, Marketing, Usability, and other relevant topics in the mobile world.

The event will have a good mix of technical and non-technical topics as well related to marketing, funding, and other business aspects of mobile development. Besides presentations, the event will have pre-conference workshops, demonstrations, and panel discussions for those attending.

You can go and check the event link to know more about the speakers and the companies presenting. It’s quite an impressive list.

Currently FITC has an Early Bird offer on the conference and pre-conference workshop ticket prices.

They have also offered a further discount of $50 on any event ticket. Please message me if you want to attend this event and avail the discount, and I will send across the code.


What’s new with Flash Lite? As it was revealed at FITC Mobile!

(Via Dave Yang) As FITC Mobile Conference completed its first day, it left a buzz amongst Flash mobile enthusiasts with its announcements and the next new releases of Flash Lite and Flash 10 runtimes.

Mark Doherty from Adobe spoke about the next release of Flash Lite, which would be Flash Lite 4.0. Apparently this version of Flash Lite would support Actionscript 3 and would be a browser plugin. Also, Flash Lite 4.0 would target slower, less powerful and memory-constraint devices.

Then there would be a Flash Player 10 for devices which would be a browser plugin as well, and would target powerful devices (such as the Android devices), possibly with hardware graphics acceleration. And then there would be AIR as a standalone player for mobiles.

Device Central 3 was also presented at FITC. This Device Central would support some hardware emulation such as accelerometer and geolocation and allow creation of custom device profiles.

SWFPack, a mobile packager (created in AIR) for S60 3rd edition and up, and Windows Mobile 5/6 was also part of Mark’s presentation. SWFPack would allow deployment of builds in both .sis and .cab formats for the two mobile platforms.

So what does this mean to a Flash Lite developer?

Well, if we are not already adept with AS3, we need to start doing that because there is no limiting with ideas and AS3. If Flash Lite 4.0 and Flash Player 10 both provide complete OOP / programming syntax we can write easy to port code.

However we would know the capabilities of both these runtimes only when their beta is out (during MAX ?)

And the new device packager would probably solve the device restrictions we face today as developers with the current version of Mobile Packager. It would help us target more devices in the market, which means less of our users have to deal with fragmentation of the player across handsets.

Looking forward to hearing more information on this.


FITC Mobile 2009 – Learn, Discuss, Network

FITC is known to produce great events for developers. I have always been a keen follower of their events, and this year I was particularly impressed with their mobile focussed conference.

The FITC Mobile Developer Conference is going to be held in Toronto, Canada this year. The event is scheduled to be a 2 day conference during September 13 – 14, 2009, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.

With this conference, FITC Mobile will bring together the leaders in mobile design and development, developers and programmers of mobile content, and all those who are curious to know all about the mobile development world. The conference will cover the technical side of development as well as sessions on marketing and finance.

Besides the 2 day conference, FITC Mobile also has an optional pre-conference workshop on Saturday, September 12, 2009. The sessions for this include a variety of topics such as platforms (Android, Flash Lite, OpenGL, Windows CE), applications (SMS, QR codes, video) and devices (BlackBerry, Palm, iPhone). You can check out the website for more details on the agenda and speakers.

FITC Mobile – Tickets Information:
The FITC Mobile Development Conference is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers and developers of mobile content. Ticket prices range from $69 (CdN) for an Early Bird Student Conference Pass to $399 for a Regular Conference + Workshop Pass. You can go to http://fitcmobile.eventbrite.com/ to purchase tickets.

I do have a couple of FITC Mobile conference tickets to give to anyone who is interested in attending the conference. So if you really want to attend, but have not purchased your pass as yet, please leave a comment on this post (alternately email at mariamdh [at] gmail [dot] com) with an interesting reason on why attending FITC Mobile is important to you. If you are creative (and genuine of course !!) with your answer, the conference ticket will be all yours! 🙂