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Adobe Flash Platform Summit

It’s just one day before the Adobe Flash Platform Summit takes off in Bangalore, and the next 3 days (27th July 2011-29th July 2011) will be a carnival of learning and networking for all those attending.

There are different sessions covering multi-platform development, user experience and development tools suiting the skills of all attending. The ones I look forward to participating in are the ones which will be discussing HTML5, UI Design and LifeCycle. The Demo Jam on the second day of the event will also be an interesting one hour of app presentation by different developers.

I’ll probably be hanging around in the Community Lounge when not attending sessions so looking forward to meeting a lot of people.



Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 in Bangalore

The Adobe Flash Platform Summit is set to take place on the 24-25 August 2010 at the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bangalore this year and I plan on attending! Yes, I’m really excited and look forward to it!

This event which was earlier called the ‘Dev Summit‘, is touted to be much bigger and better with a range of topics suitable for both developers and designers of Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Mobile Applications.

The event will surely offer the best opportunities to learn from experts, meet and network with thousands of creative people from across the sub-continent and interact with the Adobe team and their partners across both the days of the event.

Adobe is accepting speaker proposals right now, so if you have a topic of interest, you can submit it, and if approved you can be a part of the esteemed speaker list at the event. There are 4 days left for it, so dive in with ideas for presenting!

There are also some good deals on the registration fee for the event, so the sooner you apply, the better it will be!

Hope to meet at the event 🙂