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IMGAwards – The People’s Choice Awards are now open!

The IMGAwards are exactly one month away from being held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. IMGA have now opened the voting of the nominees for the People’s Choice Awards.

“You can vote for a winner in each Category as well as for the overall winner of the Grand Prix. There will only be one Grand Prix winner and one winner per Category. You can vote by clicking on the Grand Prix and Category Winner icons which you will find on the nominees’ web pages.”

So if you have not registered with IMGA, you can do so and cast your vote for the mobile game you like best in each category.


5th IMGAwards Nominees Announced – “Gear Wager” nominated in the Best Casual Game Category

Announced today were the nominees for the 5th IMGAwards, and I am happy to say that IGameStudio’s Flash Lite game – Gear Wager makes it amongst the top 5 in the Best Casual Game Category.

Gear Wager is a fun casual arcade game woven around a story on the Flash Lite platform. The game is unique in various ways (you have to wait for it to launch ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but I’d like to say that with this game, I’ve tried pushing the boundaries of the technology and platform. Gear Wager is expected to launch early next year, but before that I hope it emerges a winner in this award show.

IMGAwards are prestigious and being a part of their nomination is definitely an honor for any mobile game development company, including mine. This year IMGA received hundreds of entries out of which 26 are selected in 5 different categories. The nominations are extremely competitive this year with the best in the industry being chosen by a jury from the wireless industry.

Read the IGameStudio press release here.

Read the IMGA press release here.


Participate in Contests…be showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Forum Nokia recently announced the “Calling All Innovators Competition” for mobile developers worldwide. The competition is aimed at content which is unique and innovative on both the Series60 and the Series40 platforms and will close on 15 December 2008.

The highlight of the contest is that the winners can win $25,000, opportunities to promote and distribute to mobile consumers worldwide, and a showcase for the application at next year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Of the 3 categories for submission, the “Technology Showcase” category specifically mentions that the application can be developed using either Flash Lite, Java, Python or any open source.

“This category offers the opportunity to show off your technical kung fu and introduce the world to your true killer app! Open to all technologies, if it runs on S60 or Series 40, then we want to see it! Regardless if it has just been created or you have been selling it for a while, casual or commercial, we want to showcase the best of the best. Be it on Flash Lite, Java, Python, or open source. If itโ€™s a game, enterprise solution, Web-based widget, or just a cool application that will enhance the mobile user experience, then this is the category to enter.”

This contest comes close to the heels of the IMGAwards Submissions (closing September 22) which too is giving an opportunity to developers to submit games and win a chance to showcase their company and the winning entry at the Mobile World Congress in February next year.